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Curriculum Vitae: Kosuke Ogawa

Kosuke Ogawa (male, Age 68, Japanese)

[Present Position]
Professor of Marketing,
Hosei Business School of Innovation Management
Address: 2-17-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8160, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3264-9732
Fax:  +81-3-3264-4690
E-mail: huko-ogawa@nifty.com


[Academic Career]
1951:   Born in Akita Prefecture, Japan;
1974:   Graduated from the University of Tokyo, (Department of Economics);
1976:   Obtained the Master’s Degree of Economics, the University of Tokyo;
        Assistant Professor of Management Science, Hosei University;
1979:   Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Hosei University
1980:   Research Fellow, Haars School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA (-1982);
1987:   Professor of Marketing, Hosei University (-2009);
1991:   Founded as the first Program Director, Graduate School of Business, Hosei University (-1993);
1994:   Visiting Fellow, Graduate School of Business, the University of Sydney;
1995:   Vice-Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Hosei University;
1996:   Chairman of Center for Business and Industrial Research, Hosei University (- 1999);
2002:   Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Hosei University (- 2004);
 Editor of the ‘Journal of Marketing Science’ published by Japan Institute of Marketing Science;
2004:   Professor of Marketing, Hosei Business School of Innovation Management;
2010:   Dean of Hosei Business School of Innovation Management (-2012)
2013   President of Japan Institute of Marketing Science (-2015)
2016    Dean of Hosei Business School of Innovation Management (-2017)


[Other Social Activities]
1980-:  Honorable Citizen of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA;
1988-: Marketing Consultant for several major Japanese Companies including Department of Product Development, Toyota Motor Company, Japan (-1996);
 Taisho Pharmacy Co.(1992-1998), Legs Inc. (2000-), Nihon Mirai Capital (2003-);
1988:   Finalists and Winner of Hosei Tennis Tournament (Doubles);
1989-:  General Manager of Athletic Soft-Tennis Club, Hosei University (-1996);
1993-:  Chief Coordinator of Marketing Course, Academy of Japan Productivity Center (-2000);
1995 and 2000-: Committee Member of the Future Planning Project for Flower Industry of Japan (Organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Japan, every five years);
2000-:  Founder and Chairperson of Japan Floral Marketing Association;
2004-:  Chairperson of Committee Members for IFEX (International Flower EXPO Tokyo)
2005-:  Founder and Executive Board Member of MPS, Japan
2006   Founder and Board Director of MPS Japan, a sustainable flower certification company originated from the Netherlands
2007  JCSI   Chairperson of JCSI (Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index) Development Panel, Service Productivity Growth Committee, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (-present)
2016   Founder and President of NOAF (Network for Organic-eco Agriculture and
Food life style, NIPPON), an industry-government-academia collaborative initiative, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (-present)
2018年 External Board Director of R-bies, INC., a Marathon event organizer


[Books Published since 1990]
1991:   Co-authored with Y.Ohsawa, Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Yuhikaku;
   Flower Business in the World, Nikkan-Shobo;
1992:   POS and Marketing Strategy, Yuhikaku;
1993:   Co-authored with T.Yahagi and K.Yoshida,  Just-In-Time Marketing Systems,
1994:   Brand Strategy, Nihon-keizai-Shimbunsha (revised in 2011);
        How to Succeed in the Flower Business, Soudo Publishing Co;
1996:   Co-authored with K.Ohyama, Customer Comes First: Marketing Strategy of Maker-Vendor Way,         Diamond-sha;
        Co-edited with M.Hosono, Basics for People in Flower Industry, Nosonbunka-sha;
1997:   Co-authored with Y. Aoki, All about Brand Management, Nihon-Keizai-Shimbunsha.
1999:   Marketing Information Revolution, Yuhikaku;
        Contemporary Branding Stories, Seibundo-Shinko-Sha;
2000:   An Introduction to Distribution and Marketing Management in Gardening Industry, Green Joho.
2001:   First Step for Brand Management, (Jitsumu-kyoiku-shuppan)
2002:   Secrets of Pricing at Work, Japan Economic Newspaper.
2003:   Brand Relationship, Dobunkan Publishing (Korean version in 2004);
2004:   Edited for JFMA, A Manual for Flower Shop Owners and Employees, (Seibundo-Shinkosha)
2006:   Understanding Basic Skills for Marketing Flowers and Greenaries (Seibundo-Shinkosha)
2007:   Co-authored with O. Sakai, Distribution and Marketing of Organic Products (Nobunkyo),      
2009:   Introduction to Marketing Management (Nihon-Keizai-Shimbunsha);
2011:   Shimamura and Yaoko: A Story of Two Big Retail Chains Born in a Small Town (Shogakukan);
2011   Operational manual for Florists (Seibundo-Shinkosha)
2013   Basics of Flower Marketing (Seibundo-Shinkosha)
2014   Editorial supervisor, Consumer Behavior Model, written by Shigeru Kido (Asakura Shoten)
2015   McDonalds: The Essence of Failure (Toyo Keizai Shinpo Sha)
2016   McDonalds: The Essence of Failure (Chinese translation) (The Eslite Corporation, Taiwan)
2019   Co-authored with J. Ono, Law of Customer Satisfaction (in progress) (Japan Productivity Centre)
2020  Agri-Food Innovations (in progress) (Shogyo kai)


(1) Professor Ogawa has published more than one-hundred academic papers mainly regarding marketing research, marketing data analysis, and brand marketing. Some appeared in the prestigious English journals, most of them have been written in Japanese.
(2) Since 1988, he has written a lot of articles for the floriculture printing media. As well, he appeared often as a guest speaker sometimes as a host in the special TV and radio programs for broadcasting stations such as NHK, TBS, and TV Tokyo.
(3) He has experienced more than twenty marketing projects inside companies as well as a marketing consultant. His expertise does not only lay in marketing research fields, but he has also contributed to some semi-social projects as an academic advisor from the viewpoint of marketing and management.
(4) In spring of 2000, Professor Ogawa established JFMA (Japan Floral Marketing Association) with thirty chapter members of his intimate friends in the Japan floral industry. Since then, they organized several projects in order to renovate the infrastructures of Japan’s floral industry. Among them are the Fresh Floral Project in 2000-2002, Bucket Distribution Project in 2001-2003, and special mission tours for China (2004), the US (2000), and European countries (2001, 2003). JFMA have invited a lot of speakers from industry leaders overseas such as Ms. Jacky Stephen , Chief Buyer of Tesco Supermarket, UK; Van Dyne, President of Intergreen Co. Holland,; Mr. Stan Pohmer, Pohmer-Consulting Co., USA.
(5) Many people from overseas such countries as Holland, UK, France, Australia, Brazil, India, Philippine, and the US, have visited his office in the very center of Tokyo, JAPAN. He welcomes everybody, especially who loves flowers.

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